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San Diego Comic-Con Cosplay - Day 3

Aaand we’re back with another set of cosplayer photos — this time from Day 3 of the 2012 San Diego Comic-Con! Same deal as last time; I’ll comment on a select few and post the remainder of my cosplay shots for the day at the end of the piece. On to the photos, then!


I’ve seen a lot of folks running around with creepy horse head masks — mostly because a friend of mine (Liv Rainey-Smith; she’s a very talented artist so check out her work) posts a bunch of them on Facebook. I’m not sure I understand the phenomenon even after reading about it, but I can see the appeal of a symbol of anonymity that also has the effect of creeping everyone the flip out.

The family that cosplays together stays together.

I’m not all that familiar with Homestuck, but I really like this group cosplay for its slice of life appeal. Yes, many convention attendees are into their favorite properties enough to paint themselves grey and don horns and do the same to children who probably have very little idea what Homestuck is actually about (I imagine those young whipper snappers prefer games with graphics way fancier than MS Paint doodles) — but they’re also members of loving families and stop playing games and standing in autograph lines long enough to make sure the kiddies get fed. And they all look like they’re having fun, which is the most important thing!

And then... I threw a rock at him! Wait, wrong character...

Special props to Dr. Connors for this awesome Lizard cosplay. I’d have asked him how long it took to transform himself into a vicious reptilian creature, but I don’t think the mask/makeup allowed him to open his mouth.

Send in the clownsssss...

If you’ve been reading Scary-Crayon for a while, you know I love me some evil clowns — ergo I love this cosplay. That this dude appears to be an evil alien clown only makes it even more awesome! (And someone please tell me this guy is dressed as a character from a movie so that I can promptly add it to my viewing queue.)

Halloween monster party!

Now, this is definitely one awesome costume — but before you go getting too impressed, I feel inclined to point out that this guy wasn’t a proper cosplayer. Rather, he and several other very well done monsters (there’s part of one to the right) were advertising some Halloween adventure thing. I’m sure the tall monster would have handed me a flyer, but I’m so diminutive and he was so high up on stilts that reaching that far down would probably resulted in him crashing down on top of me. So I’ll never know what that Halloween deal entails, but I’ll also not suffer a concussion from colliding with a monster whose gravity tackle causes the back of my skull to collide with a cement walkway. Thanks for considering my safety, monster pal.

I could lose myself in those button eyes...

So I have to ask — am I the only person who thought the Other Mother in Coraline was sexy as all heck? Before she turned into that spider thing at the end, anyway… then she was just scary. Everyone acts like the button eyes made her so unsettling, but c’mon — if button eyes were that eerie they wouldn’t be sewed onto teddy bears. Kids sleep with those things, you know.


And here we have Beauty and the Beast! Well, we have Beauty — sadly, there’s no beast in the picture because I was the one taking it. But since I was, I’m totally taking credit for the ballroom sign appearing in the background. Given Belle’s outfit, it’s amazingly appropriate.

Duela Dent is up to something.

I found this Duela Dent in one of the insanely long lines at the convention — and while she was game for a photograph, she was just too tired to stand up for it. I’m kinda glad about that, since I think the seated pose made for an awesome and unique shot.


If seeing these assembled cosplayers doesn’t fill you with glee, you’re probably not the target audience for this site. I didn’t even like the Mega Man games (they were kinda tough and hectic) and I practically squee’d as I took the photo.

Oh Psylocke... why did you sell out on me?

For me, one of the more disappointing things about this year’s SDCC was my inability to obtain one of Hasbro’s awesome Uncanny X-Force 3-packs — no matter how early I showed up, the set kept selling out before I ever made it to the HasbroToyShop booth. But while it’ll be a long while before I own a Psylocke action figure (apparently a retail repaint of Psylocke isn’t among the slated Marvel Legends 2013 releases), seeing the character in the flesh was some consolation.


And finally, a human Dalek! I was pretty well done with photos for the day when I encountered this cosplayer in a hotel snack bar, but she was dressed as a Dalek — so I had to fire up the old camera one last time and give her a snap. That shouldn’t surprise longtime readers, though: if you recall the obsession that led me to tediously cut and glue a Dalek army out of paper printouts that I digitally colored in time consuming fashion, you know that I’d sooner hug a Dalek than hide behind a couch. Cybermen inferior; Daleks superior.

So that’s all I’ve got in terms of commentary — but remember to scroll down and check out the full set of cosplayer pics below! Thanks for reading, and stick around: we’ll see you soon (hopefully) with more SDCC 2012 coverage.

— Wes —

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