October 20, 2007
Count 13: Ragatha & Precious

Hey all — just got through upgrading the site to WordPress 2.3. A handful of our most valued plugins broke in the process — prompting me to seek out replacements and fixes and whatnot — but I think (and hope!) we’re okay and functional for now. If you encounter any snags while browsing the site, though, do let me know.

Anyway, on with the Creepy Freaks Countdown!

Ragatha's colors are not an improvement.

If Ragatha looks familiar, it’s because she’s a repaint of Dolly. There really isn’t much more to say about her that hasn’t already been said — she’s a living doll that rips other (non-living?) dolls in half. Yes, living dolls are an overused concept in the horror category, but they’re creepy enough for me to forgive the inclusion of one in the Creepy Freaks line.

I write one, however, because somehow two seems like one too much, especially when that second one looks exactly like the first one with a different outfit and new punked-out hairdo. And for once, we’ve got a repaint with colors that don’t outdo the original — Dolly’s blue babydoll dress was much more fitting, but this outfit coupled with the decidedly non-doll-like face makes Ragatha look more like a psychotic ballet instructor than a living doll. If you ask me, a pastel pink dress and blonde hair would’ve made for a more appropriate color scheme.

Precious is a godsend in the world of Creepy Freaks.

And here’s Precious, a third-generation repaint after Tulips and Kissyface. (Interestingly enough, Kissyface came packaged with Dolly, who was repainted into Ragatha above. It seems that living dolls and goblin girls make great traveling companions.) Of the three gals with the oversized lips, Kissyface probably has my favorite color scheme for reasons discussed previously, but there’s no doubt that Precious is the one that I’d least want to kiss in spite of her blue hair. Somehow her orange and red colors remind me of vomit, and the orange warts on her lips help to make them that much more disgusting.

Incidentally, Precious is the only goblin sister whose attack doesn’t potentially involve her kissing her opponents. Instead of “crush” or “kissy-kissy,” the respective attacks of Tulips and Kissyface, Precious attacks with “cutesy names” — which basically entails her catcalling her enemies with names like “sweetie-pie” and “honey-poo.” I can see how that could get annoying, but it’d hardly freak me out when the alternatives include being submerged in pus and urinated on by giant dogs. Orange warts notwithstanding, Precious’s attack would have me making out with her out of sheer relief.

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