October 25, 2005
Dusty Plastic HELL: Hot Flash #55!

Yep, today’s update is another Hot Flash. I’m sorry about the lack of substantial written updates — things haven’t been going all that well with me as of late, so I haven’t felt up to writing a full article, to say nothing of the fact that the room that houses my desktop has been so cold lately that I can’t bear to be in it for more than a few minutes — but at least this one’s kinda got a Halloween theme to it, what with the zombie element and all. By the way, this one was more or less inspired by my watching of Return of the Living Dead 4 & 5 on SciFi a couple of weeks ago (which kinda sucked, but still) and the memories brought to the forefront when I employed Primal Rage sprites in Hot Flash #54. Everything comes from somewhere.

To answer Kacy’s question in the comments section of the previous entry, the font I use most often in the Hot Flash comics is Comic Book Commando, which you can download just about anywhere that offers free fonts if you do a quick Google search. Another place y’all can go for good comic fonts is Blambot, which has a number of free and pay fonts available for download. Hope that helps.

Also, while we’re recommending sites, Turtles fans may be interested to know that The Technodrome, another cool TMNT fansite, is back up after a bunch of problems and almost a month of downtime. The forums are also a pretty cool place to hang out — I used to spend a lot of time there a while back, when I had more time to spare — so I encourage y’all to check it out if you’re bored. Anyway, to help welcome Krang and Shredder back to the fold, I’ve added a link to The Technodrome to the sidebar, replacing the link to Maddox’s The Best Page in the Universe. This isn’t at all intended as a slight against Maddox, but a) he’s been pretty busy with his book lately, so it’s been ages since the site’s seen an update, and b) what with Maddox’s high level popularity, it’s not like my removal of the link is going to affect his traffic flow in the least. Anyway, best of luck to Maddox with the book and to Shredder and Krang with The Technodrome’s return!

Fun fact, by the way: Did you know that there are no specifically designated “Halloween” pieces on Scary-Crayon? Granted, this may change in the coming week if The Powers That Be see fit to turn on the heat, but at the moment there aren’t any articles that were specifically written with the spooky season in mind. However, because that in large part has to do with the fact that SC reflects the somewhat gothic tendencies of its founder and editor guy (er, me) — like Ministry says, “Halloween is every day ay ay ay” — that isn’t to say that there aren’t a number of articles here that fit the monsterrific mood of Samhain’s month. And I was about to include a relevant list of articles, but shit, just about everything in the Spectare and Foodstuffs sections is pretty damned terrifying, to say nothing of the horrors like Best Friend Colton and Vampire Pan to be found among the Miscellaneous pieces. Dude, we’ve even got Resident Evil poetry and haiku.

All for now. Take care, minna-san, and HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

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  • Kacy says:

    Hey, thanks for answering my question. Actually, I’ve already managed to find that font, and have started using it in some cartoon screenshot outtakes of my own.

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