October 22, 2007
Count 15: Pus Bus Gus & Drippy the Pusman

Pus Bus Gus doesn't make me want to hurl.

Woo, another repaint — though, technically speaking, Zip Zit was the repaint and Pus Bus Gus is the original. Again, he’s a naked guy riding atop some kind of vehicle — which here, given its yellow color, more resembles the school bus I think it’s supposed to be — but this time the dark green helps to make him look more like a warty monster from than a naked albino sewer mutant covered in pulsating pustules. That may not sound like much of a distinction, but I find PBG much easier to stomach than Zip Zit. Whereas PBG even seems like he might be a cool guy, I just can’t get past Zip Zit’s grossness.

Drippy the Pusman looks exceedingly familiar.

And speaking of gross, here’s our first actual repeat figure: Drippy the Pusman. We’ve seen him before — as well as repaints Crusty the Snotman and Frosty the Snotman — so I’ve really exhausted my comments on this guy. But to throw in a little variety for the benefit of my esteemed readers, I photographed him at an angle this time. 😛

Less than ten more days ’till Halloween!!!

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