July 7, 2009
New Hot Flash and a scary clown review!

Hey, hey, we've got some new content for you today! Yes. First up, Dusty Plastic HELL: Hot Flash #112 -- in which we see that two stars from Capcom's Versus games have been counting calories. I was a fan of the initial Spider-Man Juggernaut that Hasbro released, but I'm even more partial to this redeco -- something about the reddish brown and the yellow belly just works for me. That said, both Juggies seemed a tad undersized for the character, so I had to poke a bit of fun at that! And of course I've lamented the lack of massive thighs on SOTA's Chun-Li since the figure came out -- that was probably the main reason I didn't buy it until much, much later. Even though NECA's Chun looks a bit freakish, I'm looking forward to getting her... even though she'll make poor Juggernaut look even smaller. Which of course I might have to revisit in another comic. 🙂

Speaking of the comics, I'm (once again) considering changing the name. I'd originally gone with Hot Flash because it seemed like a quick flame burst -- as opposed to the full HELL comics -- but the full name does seem a bit long. What do you think of Dusty Plastic Limbo or Dusty Plastic Purgatory? Names along those lines would suggest the floating nature of the comics (I regard them as sort of filler in between the more substantial pieces on the site) while avoiding any unflattering associations generated by the term "Hot Flash." And if you've got any other suggestions, I'd like to hear them!

Next up, another toy review -- this time of the Circus Figure on Unicycle! Of course, the figure in question is really a CLOWN, which is the primary reason for the review. We love clowns here, yes we do. If you love them too, there's a "blank" one-shot comic to which you can add your own dialogue and/or exposition! w00t!

Finally, I've got a guest It Figures comic over at Poe Ghostal's site that I encourage y'all to check out. Poe's always got great toy news -- particularly when it comes to Mattel's MOTUC and DCUC lines -- so if that interests you you should be sure to visit at other times, too. 🙂

And that's all for now! Next time, I'll have another comic for you -- whether it'll be a Hot Flash or feature another name remains to be seen. There'll be a new Spectare summary review in the near future as well (though perhaps not in the very next update), so be on the lookout for that! Ja!

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