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He's a party dude.

Dusty Plastic HELLside #39!

At last, the classic Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles figures from Playmates are hitting shelves in numbers! But as many have noted — and as we see here — these dudes don’t quite fit into an existing 6″ figure setup.  (8/18/12)

Groupon is here for you.

A Crayon Haiku #140!

In A Crayon Haiku #140, we see that Groupon isn’t just about offering deals on Asian food and boat rentals — the company also aims to aid customers who need someone to listen. If you need help, contact Groupon.  (7/29/12)



While we weren’t able to get any of the exclusive toys we’d hoped to acquire at SDCC 2012, we didn’t return empty handed. In this article, we highlight the figures we were able to haul off of the convention floor.  (7/22/12)

For anonymity, he sold his soul.

SDCC 2012 Cosplay – Day 3!

Even more cosplayers, this time from Day 3 of the 2012 San Diego Comic-Con. In this collection of costumed con attendees, you’ll find a horrific horse head, super fighting robots, assembled Avengers, and more!  (7/15/12)

Daryl Hannah has nothing on this Ariel cosplayer.

SDCC 2012 Cosplay – Day 2!

Another day, another set of cosplayers at the 2012 San Diego Comic-Con! Click through to check out a selection of cool costumes and to read Wes’s odd and hopefully occasionally humorous comments.  (7/14/12)

Leonardo attacks like a shadow in the night.


Night Shadow Leonardo — Playmates’ TMNT contribution to the SDCC exclusive madness — is among the more difficult items to obtain at SDCC 2012. But before you weep or resort to eBay, read this review.  (7/13/12)



We’re really going to be all about the TMNT content during SDCC — ’cause for us, they’re the greatest thing about the con! Check out the first turtle-rific entry with this quick look at the exhibit hall TMNT displays.  (7/13/12)

Clone Trooper Wolverine???

SDCC 2012 Cosplay – Day 1!

It’s true: Scary-Crayon is on the scene at the 2012 San Diego Comic-Con! And since no convention experience is complete unless one is ogling appreciating cosplayers, here’s a look at some Day 1 highlights.  (7/12/12)

Includes Ninja Arsenal!

Dusty Plastic HELLside #38!

After what feels like AGES, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles figures are BACK! We just couldn’t contain our excitement, so here’s a quick Dusty Plastic HELLside comic featuring these latest additions to our collection.  (7/9/12)

Them waters be filled with carnivorous leeches.

A Series of Unfortunate Events!

In this multi-book review, we assess Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events in broad but rather thorough strokes. Unfortunately, while there’s a lot to like about the books, you’d be better off watching the movie.  (7/8/12)

Totally try this at home, kids! Just don't blame us if you get sick.


YES — A Random Lunch is back with a brand new twelfth installment! After days without electricity, Wes dares to consume the Hot Pockets left in the fridge. But that alone wouldn’t make for a Random Lunch, would it?  (7/6/12)

Plz do not cry, adorable lady... ;____;

A Crayon Haiku #139!

With so many computer programs to choose from, why do users select one over another? Sometimes — as we see in A Crayon Haiku #139 — fiendish programs play on users’ emotions to stay on their hard drives.  (6/20/12)

Symbiote father and son!

Dusty Plastic HELLside #37!

Dusty Plastic HELLside #37 celebrates Father’s Day with a group shot of action figure dads and their articulated progeny. These characters may not always see eye to eye, but blood is thicker than paint washes.  (6/17/12)

all we are are particles of moisture in the atmosphere

A Crayon Haiku #138!

In this special Father’s Day installment of A Crayon Haiku, the Hulk remembers his dad, David Banner… as the man was depicted in Ang Lee’s 2003 Hulk. You don’t have to be angry all the time, Hulk. It’s okay to cry.  (6/17/12)


Dusty Plastic HELLside #36!

In Dusty Plastic HELLside #36, we see that vile foe of the Ninja Turtles — the self-proclaimed one true Shredder! — take on Loki — the Norse god of mischief! — in a contest of spears! Yeah… don’t read too much into it.  (6/14/12)

The Dark Knight just got darker.

A Crayon Haiku #137!

In A Crayon Haiku #137, we see Batman has no problem using lethal weapons — which suggests he hates guns simply because his parents were shot. So if they’d been run over, there would be no Batmobile?  (6/10/12)

FINALLY, the Rock has come BACK to... oh, wait.

A Crayon Haiku #136!

FINALLY, A Crayon Haiku has come BACK… to Scary-Crayon. In the 136th installment of the feature that kicked off the site, we see that even magazines are unwilling to accept the delayed release of a certain film.  (6/8/12)

Captain... Kree?

Dusty Plastic HELLside #35!

From comics to movies to toys, every version of Captain America is an artistic marvel. In Dusty Plastic HELLside #35, we take a product inspired by all three media and imbue it with some (stolen) pop art flavor.  (6/8/12)