November 19, 2007
Count 27: Daisy & Mad Jack

Feed Daisy, Seymour... feed her all night long.

Wait, what's this? A new Creepy Freak that's not a repaint?!?!? Rejoice! Daisy here is a mutated Venus flytrap -- not unlike Audrey II of Little Shop of Horrors fame -- so while it's not a completely novel idea, the adaptation does work quite well for the Creepy Freaks line. Also, whereas most versions of Audrey II (and most flytrap creatures in general) lack eyes and proper limbs, Daisy has both a set of peepers and branches with leaves that respectively resemble arms and fingers. This effectively makes her look almost like some sort of plant-dinosaur hybrid, which is kind of a neat idea that I'd like to see explored in fiction (or, even better, claymation film). Daisy's not quite as creepy or freaky as she could be with the proper characterization, but she's definitely one of the cooler Creepy Freaks.

Also, given that Daisy was packaged differently in the box -- whereas most of the Creepy Freaks come in a sort of basket structure not unlike a squared cupcake holder, Daisy came in a front-facing plastic shroud fitted to her shape (think of upright sarcophagi lids and you're on the right track) -- I'm going to assume that she was one of the rarer figures. Also, given that it's sort of possible to tell whether a box has a figure like this in it by shaking it (her packing permits her to move far less and thereby make less noise), I can imagine kids sifting through the Creepy Freaks boxes and shaking them in attempts to discern which ones had the rarer figures with the oddball shapes. Konata would have, anyway!

Mad Jack is gonna GETCHA!

And here's Mad Jack, whom we've seen before. We have not, however, seen him before with two attached arms! So while he's not a new figure per se, I'm about as glad to see him as I am to see Venus -- making this about the best booster set we've seen in quite a while. It really doesn't get much better than dino-flytraps and insane clowns, folks. 😈

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November 15, 2007
Count 26: Dolly & Litter Kitty

Dolly and Litter Kitty are not new to us.

I told you these latter countdown entries would be brief, right? Here are Dolly and Litter Kitty, both of whom we've seen before -- and in multiple color schemes at that. So while this booster pack at least includes fairly good representations of the respective sculpts (I much prefer Dolly's colors to Ragatha's, and Litter Kitty's light coloring and black wash does well to highlight the detail of the figurine), this haul is still rather disappointing. Some new Creepy Freak blood would be nice!

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November 4, 2007
Count 25: The Booger Man & Creepy

Hey all -- hope you had a happy Halloween! I've moved the countdown link on the content pages down a bit in keeping with its "completion," but in truth we've still got more Creepy Freaks to go (especially since I just bought two more booster packs the other day in a vain attempt to bring myself closer to completing the entire set). Unfortunately, these will all likely be quick, as we've passed the point of even repaints -- we're now pretty deep into doubles territory. Woo.

The Booger Man and Creepy... again.

See, doubles. And to make things worse, the combination of the Booger Man and Creepy contains two of my absolute least favorite Creepy Freaks in the entire line. I do want doubles of some characters -- toilet-heads are always welcome, and we still need a Mad Jack with both arms attached! -- but not these guys. I despise these guys. 🙁

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October 31, 2007
Count 24: Fluffy & Crawley

Again, happy Halloween! This unofficially marks the end of the countdown -- but since we've still got six more boxes to go and I may end up buying more boxes from Five Below at some point, there will be at least six more installments. Who knows when they'll go up, but I plan to leave the link to the countdown on the content pages (and the counts are double-posted in the blog) so you can check back periodically. 🙂

Fluffy wants to piss on you.

Fluffy technically isn't a repaint, as he was the one who was recolored into Bingo, but we've pretty much seen him before -- aside from the swapping of the colors of the leash and the frog (which is now more easily identified thanks to the green), these might as well be the same figurine. Yet even though he's kind of superfluous and the giant dog thing is boring to begin with, Fluffy is saved by his special attack. See, in the Creepy Freaks cartoon, we learned that he can perform the "Tidal Wave" on his enemies... which essentially amounts to drowning them in a tsunami of urine. How's that for a finishing move? It's even referenced in his comic. I'm not sure how effective it is in the actual game, but it seems like it'd be like pulling off a fatality within the first three seconds of Round 1. Fluffy may not be especially creepy or freaky, but I sure don't want to face him.

Crawley kills his own kind.

Like Fluffy, Crawley here is the original version of Creepy. Creepy was probably my least favorite Creepy Freak, but Crawley's more dynamic green makes him a little better in my book. Only a little, though, as I still really dislike this sculpt -- primarily because of the face. A giant insect man could be cool enough, but the bug eyes and overlong nose just ruin the look of this figure for me. A more insect-like face -- or even a more human face recessed a bit such that it looked as if Creepy and Crawley were more or less normal guys in costumes -- would've made me a lot more tolerant of the sculpt.

Oh, and to answer any burning inquiries about those tools, he's holding a rolled-up newspaper and a flyswatter in addition to the insecticide.

That does it for the countdown to Halloween, then! Take care of yourselves, people, and try not to eat too much candy. We'll be seeing you... 😈

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Count 23: Maddy & Litter Kitty

HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!! Sorry about the miss yesterday -- again, we'll double up for the today. That means you get DOUBLE the normal amount of Creepy Freaks on Halloween! It's sorta fitting, really. 🙂

Maddy can give me detention any day.

More repaints -- starting with Maddy, a recolor of Serpentina. Yes, we've seen more than enough repaints by now, but I'm not too upset with this one. Where Serpentina had a schoolgirl look, the purple and almost indistinguishable dark reds of Maddy's outfit gives it a distinctly suit-like look -- which effectively makes Maddy look like a teacher and works quite well with the red eyes and the sneer. Her comic, however, still casts her in an adorable light. Either works for me, really -- Maddy's hot stuff regardless of her disposition.

Clearly I don't think Maddy's all that creepy or freaky -- far less so than Serpentina, though I'm hard pressed to explain precisely why that is -- but her yellow face and snake theme suggests to me that she is possibly the love child of Evil-Lyn and King Hiss. And considering that King Hiss was basically a pair of humanoid legs with a mass of writhing snakes for limbs and a torso, the image of them hooking up is definitely in keeping with the name of the line.

Welcome back, Litter Kitty -- please take a number.

And in another pairing of these two molds, Maddy is accompanied by Litter Kitty, a third-generation repaint of Sox and Spitty Cat. He does improve upon Sox's most glaring flaw by having a white color scheme that effectively highlights the detail on the figurine, but the rotting cat thing has still been done to death. I'm also still miffed that they didn't think to repaint the litter box here either. Are all litter boxes blue or something? Google says no, though admittedly quite a few of them are. A black or a grey box here would've been ideal.

Litter Kitty might have been creepy or freaky if he weren't the third zombie cat I've seen in about as many weeks, to say nothing of the undead animals that have appeared in multiple films (Pet Sematary comes to mind). The idea is wholly underwhelming at this point.

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October 29, 2007
Count 22: John & Chester

Bit late on this one, but it's still sliding in before midnight EST! Two more to go until Halloween, but I'll likely keep the count going into November -- though perhaps not as a daily thing -- until all of the boxes are gone. 🙂

John serves up seafood... and worse.

First up we have John, another toilet-head. We've already seen this mold with Potty Mouth and Swirly, but I'm still rather fond of John because toilet-heads rule. He's also an excellent repaint. Where Swirly was pristine and Potty Mouth got a little nastier, John goes for hardcore grossness -- he's basically the nasty, grody, overflowing with sludge kind of toilet you're likely to find at an isolated gas station or a grungy truck stop. And considering that these are precisely the kinds of places that impromptu intercourse between unshowered johns and roadside prostitutes is likely to happen, John's name is arguably inappropriate -- though fitting! -- for a character in a children's collectible game.

I'm not sure I'd call him creepy or freaky, but there's no way in Hell I'd sit on that thing no matter how much wadded-up toilet paper was placed on the seat.

Chester rubs children the wrong way.

Chester, on the other hand, is definitely creepy and freaky -- for some right and some very, very wrong reasons. He appears to be some kind of robotic alien creature emerging chestburster-style from the guts of an otherwise normal teddy bear, which is just awesome. It might even be original, as I can't recall having seen any media where an alien burst out of a stuffed animal before. Suffice it to say that if I were a child and that really happened, it would definitely scare the crap out of me -- so a toy that suggests it as a possibility is definitely on the creepy side.

That said, his name is Chester. You've probably heard kids singing, "Chester, Chester, child molester" for no apparent reason before, but apparently the term really is prison slang for child molester (and I'm taking this from Wikipedia -- third term from the bottom in "Other uses"). Couple that with the creepy claws and the unsavory reputation that aliens have for anal probing and other kinds of icky touching and you have a figurine that is creepy and freaky for an entirely different reason that, again, is arguably inappropriate for use in a children's collectible game. It's possible that the creator of the figure took Chester's name from chestburster, but given his pairing with the similarly questionable John I really find it really hard to believe that this isn't intentional.

Can you believe that whoever came up with these things got paid?!

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October 28, 2007
Count 21: Serpentina & Sox

Consider us doubled up!

Serpentina's loneliness is killing her.

I like Serpentina. It would've been one thing to simply have some kind of Gorgon in the line, but that they made her a schoolgirl is a really cool twist: whereas the monsters of myth were fearsome creatures that turned those who gazed upon them to stone, the schoolgirl getup and pink bows gives Serpentina this early Britney Spears "Hit Me Baby One More Time" kinda cuteness. The idea is a bit neater than the figurine, however, as whoever sculpted it couldn't seem to decide whether he/she wanted cute or menacing. The general outfit is very sweet, but the pose, the sneer, and the snake hands sort of mitigates the effect. Whoever drew Serpentina's comic had the right idea.

That said, a cute serpentine schoolgirl who's hostile and fucking nuts could definitely qualify as freaky, if not creepy as well. Perhaps she's lost her mind because you're not with her?

Sox wants you to think he's pretty.

Aaaand it's back to the repaints with Sox, a recolor of Spitty Cat. Sure, they made him a black cat, but otherwise this is a fairly uninspired repaint -- they didn't even bother to change the litter box, which probably would've gone better with the black if it'd been colored red instead of the original blue. The black also kind of hurts Sox, as the same slimming color that helps overweight women to hide their bulges and rolls of fat masks the impressive amount of detail on this little figurine. That he brings Socks the cat to mind is kind of cool, but otherwise this is an inferior repaint in every way.

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